Winter Guard

winter guard

The Slippery Rock University Winter Guard brings the activity of color guard that is presented in the outdoor setting, such as the Marching Pride, to a smaller setting that is facilitated indoors. Color guard on the indoor level provides opportunities to enhance skill levels to all participants. The Slippery Rock University Winter Guard hopes to represent the university and its alumni while recruiting high school graduates into not only the Marching Pride, but also the university.

By continuing the activity into the winter season, the Slippery Rock University Winter Guard aims to support well-rounded auxiliary members, which is achieved by being consistent in practice and training. The extended activity furthers the knowledge of each individual in the organization, thereby improving the results of the outdoor season with the Marching Pride, as well. The individuals that engage in this activity year round will develop a better understanding of the foundational elements of color guard such as: movement, technique with various equipment, rhythm, visual unity, and musical relationships.