Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Must I audition for the Marching Pride?

A: Instrumental auditions are held during band camp in a few sections to assign parts.  Percussion and color guard are the only sections that audition for entrance.

The drum line/front ensemble is auditioned in the month of July each year.  Drum line/front ensemble audition materials will be made available to you in a future correspondence from the percussion instructions.

Color guard and Rocklettes (dancers) will also be auditioned over the summer by the color guard instructor.


(Q) Do I go through some sort of initiation as a new member?       

No, our interest is to perform with pride and professionalism.


(Q) Must I attend every performance?

YES. Since the drill and routines are written for the exact amount of members, it is imperative that you attend every performance! Special situations may be cleared with prior approval from the Band Director. All members will receive a performance schedule in July. 


(Q) Can I receive credit for marching band?

Yes! Registering for Marching Band ensures that it appears on your transcripts and contributes to your GPA.

How to Register: Upper classmen may use “banner” to adjust schedules. Freshmen can contact their advisors to add marching band as a class. (MUSI). If you have a class that conflicts with marching band rehearsal time, changing your schedule is a simple procedure that begins with your advisor. Freshman can also change their schedule during orientation. 


(Q) When does the band rehearse during the semester?

Practices are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:00-6:00 p.m during the fall semester. 


(Q) What if I do not have an instrument? 

Instrumentalists may check out instruments for the duration of the marching band season. We ask that if you have your own instrument that use it so students who truly need an instrument can have one. There is a limited number of instruments available. 


(Q) Will I be able to get into my room in my residence hall for “Marching Pride Camp?”

YES. You will be able to move right in to your assigned housing. If there is a problem with your housing assignment, you will be notified.  If you have off campus housing, please contact your landlord or building manager and make arrangements with them on your own.


(Q) Is it difficult for some majors to participate in marching band?

It has been my experience as both teacher and student that students who are more involved in campus activities have the best academic records. The Marching Pride represents students from across campus regardless of major – music majors, education majors, physical therapy, psychology, you name it! Furthermore, many freshmen recall how comfortable they felt when attending their first classes because they had met 200 band members at band camp before classes began. You are part of a 200 member support system that looks out for each other.


(Q) How much time does band take? Will I have enough time for my studies at SRU?

These are two very common questions for incoming students. Let us assure you that Slippery Rock University is very proud of the members of the Marching Pride, both academically and musically. Our rehearsal schedule is 4:00-6:00 p.m. M-W-F. This schedule is designed so that it will not conflict with morning or early afternoon classes, during which time the majority of classes are scheduled. More so, the rehearsal schedule is not grueling and this particular time slot is usually reserved for social events, not studying.