Leadership Positions 2019

Drum Majors: Olivia Bazanos, Mikayla Ridgeway, and Josh Zeigler

Commanding Officer: Alaina Stroud

Flute: Devin Parkinson and Mary Thomas

Clarinet: Irene Pehanich

Saxophone: Zach Rowland

Horn: Roz Heald

Trumpet: TJ Mull and Matt Rees

Trombone: Gillian Demofonte

Euphonium: Simon Glatt

Sousaphone: Shaun Klein

Percussion Battery: Sam Lash

Percussion Front Ensemble: Nico Ricciuti and Kyle Steinle

Cymbals: Wayne Bloom

Color Guard: Pearl Christeson, Taylor Falbo, and Cassandra Pagani

Social Media: Brett Hardy

Graduate Assistant: The Kelly Sullivan

2017 Leadership Positions

The following have been elected band officers for the 2017 Marching Pride:

President- Nicole Nero
Vice President- Jen Kvortek
Treasurer- Megan Moser
Secretary- Alaina Stroud

Senior Representative- Devon Lybarger
Junior Representative- Jade Ferneza
Sophomore Representatives- Sarah Beth Scott and Luke Barnes
Freshman Representative- Olivia Bazanos

2016 Band Camp Information

2016 Band Camp Information
JULY 11, 2016
Hello Marching Pride!

Hopefully you are all enjoying your summer and looking forward to a great season with the SRU Marching Pride! Information has been mailed out to current and incoming members of the band about this year’s marching season. If you did not receive this information, or have questions, please feel free to contact our band director, Dr. Jonathan Helmick, at jonathan.helmick@sru.edu.

Please read over all information carefully and return the enclosed card by Monday, July 25th. This card guarantees your spot in the drill. This commitment should not be taken lightly! Please refer to all the information provided to you before mailing the card. Be sure your card is filled out completely and respond promptly to avoid any any conflicts.

Below are the files you should have received by mail. Click on the file names to view them online.

Introductory Letter 2016

Pre-Camp Information 2016

TENATIVE Marching Season Schedule 2016 (Official schedule will be received at band camp!)

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